Meet the Creator: Johnny Parker II

In West Philadelphia born and …..Ah…Wrong! Sorry about that, in West Detroit, he was born & raised, and comics was the name of his game. Born in Detroit and educated at the University of Michigan, and now residing in Los Angeles, Johnny Parker II is a man living a dream. He’s a giant fanboy (and we do mean giant! That mofo is big!!!), that’s been given the opportunity to create the comics he loves! His mission is to give the fans the great story telling they want and deserve. Johnny brings a unique perspective to comics, through his use of diverse characters and fast paced storytelling.  

Meet the Editor: Scott Ludwig

Scott Ludwig was raised by wild encyclopedias in the Black Forests of Germany. After killing Big Foot and the Abominable Snow Man in a Hell in the Cell match, Scott Ludwig went to college and studied Graphic Design. He then used his knowledge passion to become a professional Graphic Designer, and part time letterer for Neat-O Comics. He showed such a high proficiency for understanding story structure and character motivation, that he was promoted to Editor in Chief of Neat-O where he is paid in an undisclosed amount of magic beans.   


Meet the Artist of Elvish #1: Wade Velazquez

Wade Velazquez is the quick witted smart ass from San Pedro, California. Growing up, he spent all of his school hours drawing. His style comes with a large influence from the famous, Akira Toriyama. Aspiring to make something of himself, he began working on his own comic book: Sacred Gem. 

Check out his Deviant Art Profile for more awesome art, and hopefully... smiles. 

Meet the Artist of Black Fist & Brown Hand: Luis Calderon

Take some toys and video games and lots of free time and you gotta' bonafied Luis Calderon. When not making comics, Luis is...making comics. But seriously, Luis Calderon is talented artist, who balances his time between creating art and running an amazing video game and card shop: Final Destination Games